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101 Days of Joyful Babyhood

Wonderful ways to nurture yourself & your baby

Combat boredom, diminish worry, boost your confidence as a mother and pick up some powerful life skills! This innovative program is a comprehensive source of support drawing on my 20+ years working with mothers and their children. It’s designed with the realities of mothering taken into account and research-based information is interwoven with women’s wisdom.

If your baby is under a year, you must check this out!


Soothing, supportive words to enhance your wellbeing

Fit in some solid self-care with affirmations, guided relaxations and hypnosis recordings. Expertly crafted content strengthens your resilience, enables you to de-stress and helps make your life better from the inside out. While many of the recordings address mothering concerns, other aspects of your life are cared for, too.

To see what supports you can choose from, click here.

Watch & Listen

Inspiration and education worth pressing play for

Expand your perspectives, get uplifted and realize you’re not alone! This free audio-visual library of tips, tools, stories and other resources is continually growing. You’re guaranteed to find something here that will make your day better and brighter.

Get to it!

About Lara

Educator, birth & family professional, mom

A fierce passion for birth, motherhood and family took hold of Lara early on in life. It’s led her into a wide range of experiences and extensive education. She’s been privileged to share in the intimate realities of countless family’s lives: the mundane aspects, the big joys, the heartbreaking adversities. She’s also had her own share of ups and downs, but her commitment to nurturing goodness is unshakable.

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