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Creating A Prenatal Breastfeeding Plan
In this interview with Nicole McHardy, LC, we discuss what a breastfeeding plan can do for an expectant family, including which medical circumstances particularly warrant extra planning. Check out the accompanying blog post for great links!
An Interview with Naturopathic Doctor Carly Wendler
Dr. Carly talks to us about naturopathic methods of addressing infertility, both as an independent approach and as a complement to Assisted Reproductive Technologies. This mom of two also shares great information about natural family planning using the Family Awareness Method, the tool she used for seven years to successfully time the conception of her children. To connect with her directly, visit, or connect with her on Facebook!
Lara’s Quick-N-Concise Guide to Affirmations Recordings
Here are 7 important things to know about how affirmations work, how to maximize their benefits and why the recordings I've created are extra-special. Also included are useful tips if affirmations are new for you!
Why & How to Use Hypnosis Recordings
Discover the benefits of hypnosis recordings, how to make the best use of them and get answers to commonly asked questions! If you want to know even more about hypnosis, be sure to also read this blog post.
An Interview with Anj Colyn, owner of Barefoot Babies
Mom of three, baby store owner and community leader Anj Colyn shares her wisdom about trusting oneself, the importance of the Village, the risks of social media, and how she navigates motherhood and business. Be sure to also check out the Barefoot Babies website!

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