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“The how-to information is accessible, easy to understand and super helpful!”

~ Mommy Amy

How and Why!

“So many helpful tips and games and background on why these are important — so great!”

~ Mama Alma

Focusing On Us!

“I love having some focused time to learn about the mom & baby relationship!”

~ Mom to Gabriel

Helps Boost Mood!

“The program has really helped me recognize the thoughts cluttering my mind and how they impact my mood and energy.”

~ Lily’s Mama

Optimal Mothering!

“101 Days of Joyful Babyhood has allowed me to take the time to learn and reflect about motherhood, and how to make the best of it!”

~ Yasmin’s Mommy

Unique Content!

“101 Days of Joyful Babyhood is full of good insights and knowledge! It’s incredibly amazing content you won’t find anywhere else!”

~ Mommy Monika

Sensible Integration!

“Now I know how I can include my child in everyday activities, instead of only doing baby activities with him. It means I don’t need to try and do everything while someone else watches him.”

~ Matthew’s mommy

Confident & Connected!

“My baby and I have learned all kinds of new and exciting ways to connect and learn together. I’ve gained confidence in my parenting, knowing I’m doing good things for my child’s growth and development, as well as what’s age-appropriate for him.”

~ Mama Sue

Realistically Doable!

“I’d recommend 101 Days of Joyful Babyhood to other mothers because it presents good options for small activities that don’t take a lot of effort, and various areas of development are targeted.”

~ Mama to Grayson

Self-Care Happens!

“I love the self-care tracker! I know being a good mom starts with taking care of me, and this helps me to do so in tangible and realistic ways, thinking of self-care from many different perspectives. I love “checking things off” and using the trackers makes me feel accomplished!”

~ Mommy Olivia

Happier & Healthier!

“Parenthood is a journey filled with questions and unknowns. Even though I feel I adjusted to motherhood and have enjoyed it quite a bit overall, I found that this program has benefited both my baby and I in that, as a more confident mother with tools to enjoy him, interact with him and help him grow, he gets “more” of me, and a better, happy, healthier me! Being present and mindful has helped me do my best to soak up the joys and special moments, but also have tools to work through the difficult moments.”

~ Mama Jennifer

Special Skills!

“As a speech therapist, I’ve enjoyed that the program helps teach skills that are not “typical” parenting skills, such as supporting early language development. This is often a skill that takes practice for parents to use and is something we teach for early intervention of language delay.”

~ Mom to Jackson

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