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Whether you’re using affirmations to put yourself in a better frame of mind, giving yourself some peace with a guided relaxation or making changes with the help of hypnosis, choosing to use recordings is a smart way to take care of yourself in the midst of a full and busy life.

You might not have the time, energy, childcare nor budget to get to a yoga class or a massage appointment, but you can always fit in a recording!

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If the term “hypnosis” has you questioning (including questioning if it’s compatible with your faith), read these FAQs to have a better understanding of what hypnosis is and isn’t.


Affirmations for Peaceful Empowered Mothering
This inspiring set of perspectives will help you celebrate the goodness in yourself and your child while also equipping you to best handle adversity. Build your confidence, get that much more resourceful and connect with the power of love!
Purchase $5.95
Affirmations to Antidote Motherguilt
Clear out the pain of self-doubt, shame and regret as you free yourself up to keep growing as a mother. Give yourself permission to be human, and treat yourself with compassion and kindness as you keep connecting to your goodness. **If you don't wish to download this track, you can stream it free through the Free Videos page of the Watch & Listen section.
Purchase $5.95
Affirmations for Feeding Challenges
Breast or bottlefeeding stressing you out? Feeling overwhelmed by the various opinions and suggestions? Wanting support to do what is right for you and yours? These empowering words with strengthen you as navigate this tricky terrain. **If you don't wish to download this track, you can stream it free through the Free Videos page of the Watch & Listen section.
Purchase $5.95
Easier Baby Days
Adjusting to life with a baby can be demanding and difficult. This beautiful guided relaxation will have you feeling more peace and ease while directly addressing the common stressors a mommy can experience. Transform your problems into power! **If you don't wish to download this track, you can stream it free through the Free Videos page of the Watch & Listen section.
Purchase $5.95
Affirmations For Peace of Mind
Set yourself up for a smoother day with these gentle words of support. Be reminded of what's wonderful about you and your life, receive encouragement to take good care of yourself, and tip the balance from stressed to steady.
Purchase $5.95
Hypnosis for Healthy Sleep
Be soothed into slumber with this drug-free sleep aid. Let go of your worries as you're guided into dreamland, and position yourself for a nicer next day as you enjoy a good night's rest.
Purchase $5.95
I Love My Body! Affirmations
Heal the pain that comes from the unkind, unrealistic messages you've received about your body. Whether you're feeling self-conscious, self-critical or disappointed in your body's form or function, these affirmations will help you be gentle with yourself and deepen your appreciation for the amazing creation your body is!
Purchase $5.95
Affirmations for Financial Wellbeing
Improve your relationship with money with these healthy, ethical affirmations. Move on from past missteps, transform unhelpful beliefs and expand the possibilites by which money can flow through your life.
Purchase $5.95
Hypnosis For Financial Wellbeing
Be guided into a relaxed, creative state of mind and then reap the rewards of powerful imagery that connects you to a resourceful way of living. Reframe your experience of money from stressful to strengthening, from scarce to sufficient, from a burden to a blessing.
Purchase $5.95
Clear the Pathway: A Hypnosis Recording to Encourage the Resolve of Placenta Previa
Invite the power of mind-over-matter to assist your body in making your pregnancy and birth as healthy as can be with respect to the location of your placenta. This recording incorporates safeguards to ensure only goodness comes from its use, and guided imagery connects you with your baby while supporting resolution of placenta previa.
Purchase $5.95
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Affirmations for Feeding Challenges ~ Easier Baby Days ~ Affirmations to Antidote Motherguilt

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