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Welcome to 101 Days of Joyful Babyhood!

You've just discovered how to make the first year of your baby's life that much better for both of you!

The 101 Days of Joyful Babyhood program is the first of its kind.

It’s an easy-to-use approach to mothering that will help you:

Tend to your mental health

Whether you require general good maintenance, or you’re dealing with postpartum depression or anxiety, the program supports you in taking care of your psychological and emotional wellbeing.

Experience less worry, fear and doubt with respect to mothering

Most of us enter motherhood undereducated and inexperienced when it comes to how to actually do it! The program will help you feel more confident in your abilities and give you access to lots of tips and know-how.

Reduce the incidence of frustration and anger

Life with a baby oftens means less-than-optimal sleep, and that gets combined with other factors that can set you up to feel more anger than you’d like. The program takes a comprehensive approach to assist you in experiencing peace, ease and joy as much as possible.

Meet your baby’s needs and support their healthy development

It’s common to not know what typical development is like, and therefore, it’s also common to not know how to best interact with a baby. The program teaches you plenty about different developmental aspects and gives you lots of great ideas to engage with your baby in ways that help them thrive.

Take care of yourself and better meet your own needs

I don’t need to tell you that staying on top of your self-care can be challenging when you’re a mom. What I will remind you of is that your health and wellbeing matters a lot, both because you’re precious you, and because your family needs you to be as well as possible. The program provides a wealth of realistic ways to meet your physical, emotional, social and intellectual needs.

And you’ll experience less boredom!

Make the first year better for both of you.

Here’s how it works
  1. Choose the access that best meets your needs: a monthly subscription, 6-months or a lifetime plan. To jump ahead to get details on the different options, click here.
  2. Upon sign up, you’ll receive a login to use on this site that gives you 24-7 access to more than 100 bite-sized videos. Over 90% of them are 4 minutes or less so you’ll actually be able to fit them into your day, AND they’re all fully narrated and dictated. That means if you can’t look but can only listen, you’re covered. It also means that if you can read but need silence, you’re also covered!

Beyond the Introduction videos that give you detailed guidance on how to make the most of the program, all the videos are divided into categories based on your baby’s age. As a bonus, I’ve even indicated how much energy you’ll need in order to do a suggested activity so you can match it with how you’re feeling at any point in time. Simply choose an activity that appeals to you and do it!

In addition to having access to the videos, you’ll also receive more supports:

  • You’ll have a private Self-Care & Success tracker that can help you keep tabs on where you’re at
  • You’ll receive supportive emails every few days to provide additional inspiration and tips
  • You’ll be able to join the closed Facebook group and connect with other mothers who are using the program

Get the amount of support you need.

If you want to know what mothers who’ve used the program have to say about it, click here.

If you want to know why I created the 101 Days of Joyful Babyhood Program, watch this video.

May you and your baby experience maximum goodness!

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